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Staff Contact Information

Phone Contact


209-392-0260 (Leave a voicemail and we will call back)


Dos Palos Elementary Staff Email List

Office Staff Email: 

Principal: Mr. Grijalva [email protected]

Counselor Angelica Gutierrez [email protected]

Academic Coach: Debbie Martin [email protected]

Secretary: Nikki Jones [email protected]

Attendance Clerk: Maura Duarte [email protected]

Special Education Email: 

Priscilla Gomez [email protected]

Shelly Stover [email protected]

Cindy Ballesteros [email protected]


TK/K Email

Michelle Ortiz [email protected]

Eli Alvarado [email protected]

Susan Camara [email protected]

Claudia De Haro [email protected]

Lai Saechao [email protected]

Shantelle Libert [email protected]

Theresa Noyes [email protected]

Pat Gonzalez [email protected]

Roberta Williams [email protected]

First Grade

Dawn Climer [email protected]

Anel Guereca [email protected]

Robin Pinto [email protected]

Claudia Ramos [email protected]

Trita Stotts [email protected]

Danny Valdez [email protected]

Tina Westbrook [email protected]

Crystal Guerrero [email protected]

Second Grade

Jaimie Cantrell [email protected]

Alondra Flores [email protected]

Abigail Jacobo [email protected]

Faye Saechao [email protected]

Shelly Walker [email protected]

Christine Wren [email protected]

Martha Zepeda [email protected]